Author: Tony Wilson

  • Major update: Six new countries added to is the largest public database of security force units and personnel ever created. Today, it gets even bigger and more useful to human right researchers, litigators and investigative journalists.

  • Connecting data points through time (or not)

    Answering the question “who was where when?” is central for investigations into allegations of human rights abuse(s). Because of this perhaps one of the most defining, and complicaticating, features of the Security Force Monitor’s data is that almost everything we research is connected to time.

  • Learning from our users – first feedback on our prototype

    In mid-April we publicly released the first version of our web application for feedback. We sought out advice from human rights researchers, international criminal litigators, investigative journalists, and policy advocates – spending over an hour...

  • Why I started the Security Force Monitor

    Today we share our first release. A tool that brings to light something we have never seen so clearly in one place before: the structure and operations of security forces, surfaced and arranged from thousands of publicly-available sources.