The Security Force Monitor aims to increase the transparency and accountability of police, military and other security forces. Security forces are often opaque, making it difficult for human rights researchers, journalists or others engaged in public interest work to find the answers to even simple questions, such as:

  • Who is in charge of the specialized anti-riot police unit?
  • What army unit has jurisdiction over what areas?
  • Where did this commander previously serve?
  • When was a particular police unit based in a specific city?

The Monitor compiles public information on security forces with a goal of aiding journalists, human rights groups, litigators and others to hold security forces accountable.

So far, we have published data on 1,396 specific organizations and 837 individuals from security forces of Mexico and Nigeria. This research is based on 3,782 sources, and comprehensively covers organizations, people and events from 2006 onwards.

The Security Force Monitor is a project of the Columbia Law School Human Rights Institute.