WhoWasInCommand.com shows the composition of security forces, their commanders, and the locations of operations and bases


WhoWasInCommand.com creates detailed profile pages on the personnel and units of security forces countries as well as allegations of human rights abuses against the security forces in countries covered by the Security Force Monitor. WhoWasInCommand.com blends powerful search and faceted browsing with detailed profiles views of the Monitor’s data, all of which is easily downloadable. It enables users to quickly look-up names and locations of organisations and persons within security forces, see how they relate to each other geographically and within the “organigram” of that particular security force. We’ve put together a brief User Guide, which explains the main things that the application does.


You can learn more about WhoWasInCommand.com by reading our FAQ here.

To learn more about the data itself, visit our Research Handbook.

Developers can dig into the user interface and API on GitHub.