Prototype Application

Security Force Monitor has published a prototype application here.

A browsable command hierarchy for armed forces in Mexico

The prototype blends map-based and chart-based visualizations, search and faceted browsing. It enables users of the Security Force Monitor to quickly look-up names and locations of organisations and persons within security forces, see how they relate to each other geographically and within the “organigram” of that particular security force. We’ve put together a brief User Guide, which explains the main things that the application does.

There are a few things you should know about this release:

  • Some things won’t work, and we need you to tell us. We’re releasing this prototype for feedback – we can’t make it better without you. After using it a little, we hope you will give us some feedback about the experience (good, bad,  … very bad).
  • It really won’t work very well on small screens. Sorry. This release was designed for desktop and laptop users, rather than mobile and tablet users. The design of the next release will encompass mobile.
  • The data in it is our real research into Mexico and Nigeria. It not a “placeholder” (or the data equivalent of lorem ipsum text). If you think  something is missing, or find data that is inaccurate or wrong, let us know.

To learn more about the data itself, visit our Research Handbook.

Developers can dig into the prototype’s user interface, backend and API on GitHub.